The Rise and Fall of Christendom

by the Gospel of Barn Owl

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"With this album the gospel of Barn Owl offers an electro sonic lament for the historic loss of innocence in Christian spirituality. It is a pop driven complaint against complacency and a groovy invitation to rediscover the wild and untamed ways of the one they called the Nazarene." Mark Scandrette author of "Free".

"Imagine Jared Both (of The Gospel of Barn Owl) teaching your new seminary class called The Rise and Fall of Christendom featuring a playful edge of 8bit synth, bleeding spoken word a al Listener, and the sober vocal flow of Cake. There is enough critique to pique the interest of the skeptic with the healing nature of hope of a movement of God still to come. I felt like me, Jared, and Jesus were going through all the levels of Bad Dudes at a theological arcade" Joshua Grace, pastor at Circle of Hope and former drummer of the Psalters.


released October 23, 2014




the Gospel of Barn Owl Hamilton, Ontario

Since releasing three albums as the Toronto band Barn Owl, songwriter Jared Both has regrouped in Hamilton as a electro garage rock project. Now the Gospel of Barn Owl, the band continues its critique of Constantinianism with experiments combining electronics and dub effects with fuzz guitars and analog synthesizers. ... more

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Track Name: Constantine's Triumph
Constantine I don’t believe. You’re not as Great as some people think Constantine I don’t believe. Christ had to die to make you king. After Julius killed off the Republic the people needed something to believe in. Something that would bring them together. Nothing would bind them like Christendom would. For three hundred years Christians were persecuted because they refused to bow down. Constantine fashioned a new civic religion: Christ is God but I make the law. Who died and made you king? Constantine I don’t believe. History isn’t what it seems.
Track Name: Augustine's Confession
All the devastation, the butchering, the plundering, the conflagration, and all the anguish were in accord with the general practice of war. All of Rome had totally surrendered. The barbarian savagery had a gentle nature. The large basilisks chosen, set aside. Filled with people, spared by the enemy. No one taken away into captivity. All of Rome had totally surrendered. Everything was stolen or burned to the ground. No one who hid in the churches were injured. No one lost their lives for the sake of a few jewels. How long? Will you hide yourself forever? How long? Will your wrath burn like fire? You have renounced your covenant. You have defiled the crown into the dust. I will punish their sins with a rod and their iniquities with flogging but I will not take away my love from them or ever forsake my faithfulness. The barbarians will burn down your house, your bank, your supermarket, and police station. But they have not yet burned down the home of Palestinian children.
Track Name: Lateran Council
Twelve fifteen A. D . Summoned to his holy seat in Rome. Pope innocent began the council. The council of Christendom. If the ruler fails to cleanse. His land of rot and heresy. The peasants are absolved of all oaths. Reclaim the land for Christendom

No catholic priest can spill blood. Or write a letter to command it. But the West must free the Holy Land so send the armies of Christendom. With the powers of the apostles every Crusader was granted full pardon of all their sins to go to war for Christendom.

Anathematize every heretic that raises up against the Catholic faith. Turn them over to the bailiffs
they can prove their innocence

You keep the gay kids out of church by spreading lies about pestilence I don't want to hear about your love of God. While your hatred burns against my friends

You turn love to hate. So you can fight your crusade.
Track Name: Walter Benjamin
Walter Benjamin put down with pen
the roman empire will never end
lightning flashes like a camera lens
Carthage attacks Rome again

the angel of history is flying backwards
into the storm of so called progress
calamity after calamity piles high the wreckage
we are not angels and we are not helpless

you said history is written by victorious tyrants?
well its symbols of power are just gaudy dress
the empire power is awesome in emptiness
Can John Calvin rule away this guilty Christian’s choice to dance?

You had the chance to shake shake shake it off
Shake shake it off
Track Name: Piercing Light
She looks just like a priestess with her dress of fire on. Upon the pulpit of a pyre, her body singing soft and loud. A Piercing Light. The hands that built and lit the fire are searching for control. She is building peace on earth not opium for her soul. A Piercing Light. She knows that Jesus suffered and died so violence can't control. Or own all of our convictions or purify what's cultural A Piercing Light
Every end is just a beginning, you want change or do you just want to fit in?
Every end is just a beginning, sacrificed, burned and turned to light. Baptized with fire, baptize me Holy Spirit, baptize everything that is simply self-perpetual A Piercing Light.